Let’s face it – If you’re not on the internet, your probably not listened to. Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, all necessary giants that take time to figure out – We do it for you. Oh, we do physical CD’s too.

Working with these services can be extremely confusing, we did all the research and pulled the best options all together for you to chose from here! The following chart are estimates, explained with the simplest terms, but until we’ve made specific plans for you in the studio – we can’t make solidify what the best route would be for you.

Artwork, UPC Codes, ISRC Codes, Mastering and any other necessary additions are all included in the prices shown.

Physical Distribution

The Real Deal – Full Professional CD Case with artwork on the front, back, behind the CD, and the cover insert. Includes artwork on the actual CD.

50 – $300                  100 – $350                  200 – $485                500 – $700

The Sleeve – Thin pieces of “Eco” cardboard that a CD easily slides in and out of. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and simplistic. Artwork on the front, back, and on the CD.

50 – $200                  100 – $300                 200 – $400                  500 – $800

Flying Saucers – Regular shiny CD’s with no case. It will indeed be cheaper to do this one yourself – Time is $$$ for us and you – We’d prefer you to save money and we can teach you how to burn a CD for FREE – Here’s the breakdown if you want us to do it:

50 – $35                     100 – $60                    200 – $100                 500 – $350

Online Distribution

You Can’t Not Be Found – This package is the big shabang! iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic, Google Music, Youtube Music, and literally hundreds more! Get 100% of your royalties for every listen, purchase, and download!

Single – $15                                      Full Length Album – $50

Can’t Stop the Stream – Get your music on the top 4 Streamers – iTunes, Spotify, Google, and Youtube! 

Single – $5                                      Full Length Album – $30

FREE SPOTIFY AND iTUNES – We love putting positive music out there and we really do want your music to be heard! If you would like your music on Spotify and iTunes, but would prefer not managing a personal band page, we will add your music to our Studio page for FREE.

Flat Cost: FREE