How it works…

One Application – Complete the Application Form on this page.

Two E-mails – We send you an E-mail with prices, options, possible dates, and all the information you need to be prepared for the studio. You send us an E-mail to confirm your desired options and dates.

Three stages – Prep & Planning, Producing, and Publishing are the three stages to get your music heard! The e-mail we send you will detail just how long each stage will take for you.

*There is a studio DrumKit available if desired. The drum quality is not the best, and there is a maintenance fee of $50 to use the studio kit.
**We are NOT responsible for your kit while it is in the studio.


After receiving your submission we will look over the information and give you the price breakdown + tips to help you be prepared for your recording session.
We promise to always make your time worth while and keep your sessions as least expensive as possible.