We bring the studio to you…

Save your time and record where you are most comfortable, your home.

One Form – Complete the form on this page.

Two Calls – Our engineer will call to ask a few questions to ensure the best sound quality and solidify a date and time. We will call the day of to confirm the appointment.

Three Stages – Relief, Perform, and Review are the three stages of In-Home Recording. Pressure can inhibit performance, upon arrival we take a moment to introduce ourselves and joke with the kids relieve stress and get everyone of all ages comfortable and ready to perform. We listen to the performance while setting up, allowing us to capture it with an understanding of how it should turn out. After setting up, and capturing the performance we clean up, take the recordings to our studio and work our magic. We then send you rough drafts you can review until you are satisfied with a final product.

Why In-Home Recording?

Some of the most inspiring music is played in the home. Your daughter pouring her heart into the violin, your son improvising a beautiful piano piece, or the family’s favorite song that is played with everyone’s combined musical talent – these moments are special, but your phones microphone just doesn’t capture it well enough for others to enjoy it.

These memories can be shared proudly and stored with quality that everyone will remember. Here are a few reasons people have chosen to do In-Home Recording:

Younger kids might feel uncomfortable or nervous in the studio setting.

Rounding up the family to go to a studio might be unrealistic.

There is just too much to do at home, coming to the studio would take too much time.

Things to consider…

Sound quality will always be easier to control in the studio, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it work. It usually only takes us 2-3 minutes of listening to your rooms acoustics before we know how to make it work.

Recording takes longer than many people think. Expect 45 minutes of recording for each song. This will include setup, mistakes that are made, and capturing multiple performances.

Pricing follows the normal recording pattern. “$20 per instrument per song” is what we stand by, although there is an additional $30 fee for In-House Recording. This accounts for gas, and additional setup and take down time. All details will be given in the initial phone call. (Piano + Vocals + In-House Fee = $70/song)