Acoustic Guitar + Vocals = $40 / song

Our Story

Back in 2011, High School sophomores Todd Tran and Tyler Gibbs, both joined a Metalcore band purposed to provide catchy and thought-provoking lyrics to their listeners. The band became known through the western states as “Winters Iris”, and provided Todd and Tyler the necessary preparation for what has become Winters Iris Studio. While in Winters Iris, Todd perfected his song writing capabilities, while Tyler grew in his understanding of Music Production and Band Management. Eventually, they began to offer consulting services to other bands who prospered from their advice. Having had an increase in love for the world, both Todd and Tyler decided to leave their work and dedicate themselves to serving others for two whole years. Todd left to serve the people of Vietnam and Cambodia, while Tyler stayed closer to home to serve the people of Houston, Texas. While in their service to others, their love for music increased as they saw how it greatly affected peoples lives, but it was apparent that there was a great NEED for more music that would build relationships and bring them together, rather than tear people apart. Upon returning from their two year missions of service, they knew what had to be done. Todd and I teamed up once again to bring Winters Iris Studio back to life. Todd, with his amazing gift for writing music and his incredible ears that always find the perfect sound, began intense research to catch-up on the trends and technologies that had changed in our two year absence. I began to reestablish connections, update all of our tools, and optimize the studio for our new goal – to provide uplifting, inspiring, and empowering music to the world by helping artists produce powerful music and putting it on popular music networks at a price that even High School artists could afford.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Caleb Morgan, Matt Overstreet, AJ Vanzeben, and many more, we are proud of all the services we have to offer! From literally nothing to a full produced album on Spotify, we can help artists of all experience levels and genres create inspiring music in a laid back environment that allows for complete creativity!

We are excited to hear your music, and I am sure you and tons of your future fans are too!

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